Who Are We and What We Do?

Who are we?

Sözler Köşkü (Towards Eternity) Association is a 12 year registered charity based in Istanbul which aims to spread the message of Islam through social media.

Some Characteristics of the Organization

  • With a core team of 40 and a collaborative effort of 300 volunteers, we are Turkey’s #1 islamic social media channel and top 10 globally.
  • We are followed by approx. 16 million acoounts worldwide; mostly millenials from all sorts of faith backgrounds.
  • We give answers with convincing evidence against ideologies like atheism, deism and disbelief in general. We help people to strengthen their belief in the Almighty.
  • We make motivational videos about topics where people have difficulty with: praying, wearing hijab, avoiding haram actions and becoming a better persons. We are a trusted guide to thousands of millenials all over the globe.

We Produce Original Video Contents

  • Celebrity Interviews 
  • Street Interviews
  • Islamic Speeches
  • Funny Stuff for Young Guys
  • Answers to Atheist’s Questions
  • Short Films

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