Our Youth Center

We have a lot of noise in our current place which is causing us problems when we are shooting videos.

We are in desperate need of a bigger studio where we can shoot 2 videos at the same time. And we also
need a studio with better technical features such as depth of field.
In the past, we changed our address several times, however we don’t want to be on rent anymore. We want to have our own property in which we can make additional decorations in the building without hesitation.

We also require a beautiful Madrasah that allows us to perform study programs, reading circles, hold workshops and seminars both national and international.

Famous guests like Merciful Servant, Hamza Tzortis, Ali Dawah, Omar Suleiman and other converts etc. visiting us all the time, however we cannot host them properly.

We will have a garden and a beautifully designed office and cafeteria which will impress our guests.

The property is located in a rather isolated place where we can shoot videos noise-free. But at the same time be close to the main arterial roads of Istanbul (metrobus etc.)

Safe and new building in accordance with earthquake regulations which we don’t have in our current location. Good ideas come in good places. Our volunteer brothers deserve to have better working conditions.

We consider this building to be physical and digital Madrasah.

The basement floor (approx. 400 sqm) will be used as our studios for interviews, video shooting & production. Another room with 400 sqm will be used as a seminar, lecture room.

An entire floor will be used for design, content production, and marketing.
The top floor, which has a sea view and high ceiling, will be designed to be a cafeteria; we can call it “Cafe Abrahamica”. Our deep discussion classes will be held here, at least 10 classes per week.

The lower floor will have additional offices, conference rooms and a library. We will in addition have 3 guest rooms to host both local and international visitors We consider this building to be physical and digital Madrasah.

Note: Before Covid, we had over 3000 visitors a month. This will continue.

Buying the Incomplete Building​
Completing Building Construction
Decorative Furnishing


  • Sarvar 22 February 2023

    I want to ask , can you create your Chanel in Uzbek language ?

  • plank 12 March 2023

    You are doing great work

  • plank 12 March 2023


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